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Our plan of action shows how we achieve our goal through our resources. Our strategic planning and strategic thinking are aimed at improving client satisfaction.


Our professionalism is one of the key points of our success. We have built a solid reputation for quality with an over all of 12 years of experience and have produced over 5,000 patent drawings.


We are honest, trustworthy, supportive, reliable, technically competent and have the ability to meet the deadline. Our problem-solving quality allows us to make the best in any situation.


A Word About PatentArt-IP

Our friendly attitude, professional environment, and experienced team are the main success of our company. Our clients are like family. Our company’s success is our achievement.

PatentArt-ip is an exclusive service on Patent Drawings and Illustrations firm. A team of highly qualified illustrators has added value to the patent applications by producing patent drawings that clearly demonstrate the invention or the concept of meeting the respective PTO requirements and thus, at a competitive turn around time, precise patent drawings for our clients.


What makes us stand out

The preparation of responses includes detailed knowledge of the patent drawings, along with a thorough analysis of the already existing patentability criteria. Experts possess the skills and expertise needed for patent drawings. They offer professional and design patent drawing services for different corporations, patent practitioners, individual inventor’s engineering firms/businesses. You can rely on us for…


A Team Of Professionals

Our goal is to work with our talent, expertise and creative imagination to create patent and design illustrations that are the traditional gold standard. We guarantee your satisfaction – we will make as many variations as possible at no extra charge to ensure that you are pleased with your drawings. We have a very large patent drafting team with full in-house capacity in all work stages, and we can claim with confidence that in all aspects of patent drafting, all applications submitted by us are of top-notch quality. We have highly qualified and professional patent illustrators, mainly for the USPTO and PCT, who have produced over 5,000 patent drawings and illustrations. Our team leads, and the head of QA has more than 15 years of patent drawing experience. Our professional specialists in the CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD have done every patent drawing.

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Our friendly attitude, professional environment, and experienced team are the main success of our company. Our clients are like family. Our company’s success is our achievement.


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