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Special Techniques

Exceptional IP Illustration services from PatentArt-ip

We have established a name for clients to rely on 100% in any situation where they need the patent figures. No matter how complex are the patent(Design & Utility) drawings you are looking for, our draftsmen are well equipped to handle each of those with 100% compliance to patent office rules. Our highly trained patent illustrators can make the difference between an outstanding one and an average patent application. We are familiar with all of the regulatory requirements and make sure that your drawings meet all relevant patent office requirements on the first pass.

We Accept

PatentArt-ip works with a number of AutoCAD formats including 3D, Vector, Rough sketches, prototypes, Videos, Slide Shows, MSWord/Powerpoint & Raster based files to work faster and produce more accurate drawings

PDF     AI    CAD    EASM    VSD    STEP

All other imaginable file formats


Design Drawing

Accurate Patent Design Drawings are necessary. PatentArt-ip experts draw correct, simple and clear drawings that meet the client’s exact requirement.

Design Drawing

Model patents are designed to secure a product’s structural and ornamental nature as it looks to the consumer’s eyes who is a layman. With regard to design patent applications, the sketches themselves are the claims-that is, it is the responsibility of the artist to describe the scope of the novel concept visually and precisely.

For displaying and expressing even the most subtle differences in shape or presentation, drawings have to be accurate. Patent applications for architecture do not contain images or drawings for colours. When either or both of them are used, a petition must be submitted to clarify why sketches or photographs of color are required.
Mechanical drawings including Isometric drawings, assembly drawings, sectional drawings, detailed drawings, exploded. View drawings, cut-away drawings, Plan, Elevation, etc.

Design Drawings $30-$50 per page, price negotiable (irrespective of simple and complexity)

– Consistency-Shading-Disclaiming-Sections Boundary lines and everything else adjusted
– Unlimited iterations & Fast turnarounds

Delivery Time 2-3 Business Days.

Utility Drawing

Patent Utility Drawings are one of the most important elements of the patent process. PatentArt-ip experts draw correct, simple and clear drawings which do not leave any room for errors.

Utility Drawing

Utility Drawing Utility Patent Sketches or Utility Patent Drawings are one of the most important parts of the patent method that increases the opportunity of your ideas and inventions being patented.

With this in mind, patentartip.com has been serving companies and individual inventors since the beginning of its establishment to get their inventions published in the book. We will assist you with a team of technocrats experts to obtain the exact drawing you want to send the USPTO or your respective patent office.

Our patent drawings which include margin to the structure; the lead lines, reference numbers and text to cross-section are well planned and made by highly qualified experienced professionals in the patent drawing domain. We are here to support if you’re making images, drawings, designs, and any possible file format for patents.

Utility Drawings $20-25 per page, price negotiable (Irrespective of simple and complexity)

– Margins, Cross Sections, Lead lines, Special rules considered for graphs, flowcharts, screenshots, and others.
– Unlimited iterations and Fast turnarounds

Delivery Time 2-3 Business Days.

Trademarks and Other Drawings

Looking to transform and elaborate trademark into a custom drawing. Whether it is a conceptual rendering or free from organic style, PatentArt-ip artists get the job done with the goal of surpassing your expectations.s.

Trademarks & Trade Dresses

The patent figures are the visual representation of a product/innovation that significantly the overall chances of getting your patent request approved. With the success of a patent application rely largely on the way it is presented at the patent office, and we understand that. This is why we have on board an experienced team of trademark patent drawings to help you meet your long-term business goals while maintaining the prices reasonable. Before commencing on the project, we begin with getting data on the local patent office requirements; therefore you don’t have to face rejections. We deploy the most advanced software and virtual tools to build trademark patent illustration drawings.

Mechanical Drawings

PatentArt-ip offers quick, economic & precise mechanical patent drawings corporations and other patent businesses throughout Hyderabad. Being an established name in the industry, clients rely on us to successfully submit their patent application with patent figures. We client database include the legal patent consultants, along with large industrial companies.
We create mechanical conceptual figures from existing products, the prototypes or even the sketches for a variety of purposes.
Mechanical patent drawings aren’t just to accompany the patent applications, also can be used for a variety of product visualization and documentation purposes. Regardless of the project size, all work is carried out by professional draftsmen using the upgraded CAD systems


Flow Charts/Flow Diagrams

A patent flow diagram is the visual representation of the steps involved in a process/invention. In simple words, the flowcharts are defined as the mapping process. At PatentArt-ip Patent Drawings make use of the advanced set of online tools and software to create great visual charts. This is what helped us to stand out in the market.



PatentArt-ip drawings are a premier screenshot utility artwork company offering complete utility screenshot patent drawings to creative minds. We provide tailored-made solutions to a client base that includes the business, the independent patent consultants and the investors. We aim is improving the odds of your patent application by creating the industry’s most competitive and highly comprehensive Screenshot utility patent drawings that go with your business perfectly.
All the utility screenshot patent drawings are unique, so the figures have to relevant to the idea/invention illustrating as many details required or put forth by the patent office. At the fundamental level, the drawings must meet the specifications of the country where the patent has to be filled. Each country/state has its own set of regulations for accepting patent drawings, requiring Screenshot utility patent drawings such as the dashed lines, and the line thickness.


Line Graphs

We Deal with Complex Graph Utility Patent Drawings Projects.
At PatentArt-ip Drawings, our experience & abilities are varied and complex, but our core philosophy is to offer unmatched quality solutions. We mingle our extensive artistry and technical excellence to serve our clients with the highest standards of services.


DNA Sequencing

DNA sampling is the method of determining the sequence of nucleic acids-the order of nucleotides in DNA.This requires any process or procedure used to evaluate the four bases in order: adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine.At PatentArt-ip our experienced team make use of the advanced set of online tools for it. This is what helped us to stand out in the market.


Special Techniques

PatentArt-ip offers a variety of options to visually represent patentable inventions and trademarks. PatentArt-ip employs the finest techniques to create compelling and accurate illustrations.

Line Shading

This is one of the most popular choices for surface shading because it highlights the precise geometry of a figure with ease and makes a drawing go from a flat contour drawing to a 3 dimensional illusion. ..

Stripple Shading

One popular Stippling is the creation of a pattern simulating varying densities small black dots on a white background to define the figure’s form to build up tones and shade in areas of darkness

Digital images

This is one of the Finest technique works with a number Images, 3D formats fiels to show more clear, remove any logos,unwated shades and continue incomplete shapes

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